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Planting a garden

Services include:

  • land assessment
  • Inspection of soil, water and other communications and analysis of the current situation.
  • taking laboratory analysis of soil and analyzing the results
  • Irrigation water analysis
  • Land boundary determination/measurement/topo preparation
  • Planning/estimation of irrigation systems/drainage channels
  • Garden planning/design (including necessary infrastructure)
  • Designing irrigation systems/drainage channels
  • Determination of varieties to be cultivated and other necessary agronomic measures as a result of meteorological data and necessary laboratory studies.
  • Gardening (consulting and management)
  • Land preparation/preparatory works
  • Planting/poisoning/fertilizing seedlings
  • Irrigation installation (drip irrigation system installation, inspection and training in use)
  • Agronomic monitoring of the garden.

The company provides the entire process:

With a qualified workforce, agricultural and heavy equipment owned by the company, takes responsibility for business project processing/planning, project feasibility study and budget calculation, drawing up garden planting scheme, agronomic measures and action plan development.

The complete package of services includes management of the entire complex process and constant involvement and support from our side at all stages.


Agro consulting services

The aim of the company is to serve the agro sector:

  • In the consistent implementation of business planning, start-up and development.
  • Increase access to government, financial and donor organizations.
  • To help find grants and co-financing and support the implementation of international standards.
  • To ensure the involvement of qualified people in the process.
  • To facilitate relations with the world's leading nurseries.
  • To help in the selection of seedling and the arrangement of the irrigation system.

Hardware services

The company owns heavy agricultural and construction equipment, which is equipped with the latest and international standard implements, which ensures flawless performance of any three-year work. Within the framework of the existing project, the company can provide equipment services to potential customers as well as one-time rent of equipment to an interested person.


Cold storage facility

  • Capacity : 300 Tons
  • International Standards: ISO 22000:2018 And IFS
  • Technology: Potential Of Dry Cooling And Shock Freezing

Agronomic consultation

"Blue Garden" is staffed by a team of qualified Georgian and foreign agronomists, experts and practicing specialists.

The guarantee of a successful result is the experience of agronomists, as well as systematic communication with their team and constant involvement in the process of planting and maintaining the garden.


infrastructure services

The company ''Blue Garden'', in accordance with international standards, ensures the arrangement of water reservoirs necessary for farming and the performance of all necessary works, including:

● Construction/arrangement of water pumping and filtering buildings;
● providing the farm with electricity, water and other communications;
● Arrangement of roads and drainage channels.